People Are Sitting Too Much in Lehi UT

People Are Sitting Too Much in Lehi UT

People Are Sitting Too Much

Are you located in Lehi UT and struggling with lower back pain? Lower back pain can arise easily from sitting for long periods of time. Unfortunately, there are many occupations that require sitting at a desk all day. Utah Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression in Lehi UT believes that after sitting for a few hours, it is necessary to get up and move around.

The AMA (American Medical Association) noticed the growing issue and has created ideas to try and solve this issue for employees. One idea was to convince the employers to make a change in the options employees have. Standing desks, for example, can be used to prevent sitting-related lower back injuries.

A Nation of Obese Sitters

Sitting for an occupation or for long periods of time every day can also be related to obesity or other health concerns. Sitting is a very common action that is involved in daily activities. Eating, watching TV, working, playing video games, driving a car, or even browsing the internet are all activities in which you are most likely sitting down.

A study at Duke University came to the consensus that workers that have a BMI of 40 or higher were responsible for filing double the amount of compensation claims than that of other employees. These higher BMI individuals also required medical bills that were 7% higher. Obese employees are also 13 times more likely to miss a day of work then a nonobese employee.

Tools To Help Fight The Sitting Epidemic in Lehi UT

The AMA is also advertising their new product to try to fight against employees sitting down for the entire workday. The product is an app on your phone. It is known as Hotseat and was designed and created by Fran Melmed. In the app, you must sync your work schedule to a calendar. The app is designed to allow for a number of 2-minute breaks throughout the employees day.

The treadmill desk is also a rather popular way to prevent lower back pain. This design features a standing desk with a treadmill underneath. It allows the employee to exercise while at the workstation. There are a few simple methods to also help your back pain. Walking after meals and parking farther from the door in the morning offer small chances to strengthen your back and prevent pain.

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